About Us


Through sustainable Agriculture by following good agriculture practices @ farm, adopting modern technology to improve our farm standards and creating more value, standards in food products. Everyone can buy 100% traceable & healthy products directly from the farm on finger tips.


With our highly motivated agriculture team and farm producer network. We are committed to deliver premium quality, toxic chemicals and pesticides residues free safe and healthy food to fulfill our customers need, while improving health standards.

1. Idea came in my mind from personal experience of grocery shopping, when we go to the market it is very hard to find adultration free, healthy, pure and traceable products for our family. Therefore, I started thinking about that, how to solve this problem of our society.

2. Startlingly We are offering farm fresh vegetables and fruits. All products grown under safety standards, using food grade balance fertilizer, minimum use of chemical pesticides, using bio organic pesticides and biological pest control method, ensuring 100% pesticides residues free at the time of harvest premium quality, healthy products, home delivered from farm to fork traceability. GAP global certification. We can’t find any single product in the market 100% traceable.

3. We Buy directly from the farm on whole sale price add transportation, packing charge 20% margin.

4. Mostly urban areas are our target market, every quality conscious consumer, commercial food brands and common men will be our customers. Pricing are variable as per market trends, sometimes our prices will be similar and sometimes could be 10-20% more to general products. Our targeted audience are qualified, literate high income people. Generally 25-30% growth treads seems in the fruits and vegetables market.

5. Through our online services and country wide farmers network we can access all major cities. Currently we are starting our service from Karachi. We designed our whole model on blockchain technology which protect our products from any type of adulterationat any stage. That is most reliable and secure system of our model.

6. A- Consumers awareness.

    B- Finance for cold chain/store and logistics.

7. Mostly we are marketing through digital marketing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.